Terms and Conditions

And other boring (but important) things to know.



We use PayPal as our payment gateway. They will take the number of payments from your chosen credit/debit card according to the programme you pick (3, 6 or 12 months.) PayPal will do this every month from the day you make your first payment. The prices are fixed until the end of your subscription. Sit tight and relax (but not much.)

Before the end of your subscription, depending on your attendance during the programme, you may receive an offer for renewing for another period. If you're interested, we will keep your learning and development going as well as your marketing campaigns up and running.

You may upgrade your plan if you change your goals and decide to become a freelancer or an entrepreneur. Even though the first three months of any of our Learning and Development programmes work the same for every profile, the prices are different due to the engagement of our accountancy and graphic design professionals.

Unfortunately, we also have bills and commitments, and therefore, you may not cancel, transfer to another person or unsubscribe from your programme until the end of your term (3, 6 or 12 months.) We reserve the right to take the remaining payments from your account after 30 days of a missed payment.

We reserve the right to postpone the deliveries and even cancel your subscription with no refund in case you display disinterest, no-shows or start ignoring our phone calls. Believe that it sometimes happens.

If for any reason PayPal isn't your pal, please contact [email protected] for arranging a payment alternative.


The First Month

The day you make your first payment, is the day your programme officially starts. That is also the day that you receive the "Welcome to WorkFlow ICT" Email (that for some reason, might have gone to your spam box.)

The first Email request that you upload your material to us as well as to send us your availability for the first appointments. We will then plan for your Career Assessment and Photo Session according to your time. We usually find time extra work hours to match your schedule as we know that you've been busy running after your goals. We all take this into account.

You will receive timely reminders of the Meet Your Influencers© Conferences, and you can also see the full schedule on our Website. The dates are fixed on weekdays after 18:30 and on Saturdays after 10:00. We broadcast live the sessions but only for the subscribers away from Dublin. If you're in Dublin, you must do the honours to come and meet people for your own sake.

No matter how busy you are, you must make up time for the appointments, because without knowing about your past and understanding your future goals, we won't just make things up on your material.

We reserve the right to re-schedule any of the appointments and workshops with due notice.


The Second and Third Months

We reserve the first 30 days of your programme to deliver your Professional Resume, Advanced LinkedIn and Social Media Campaigns. A lot of science goes there, so please allow time for our HR specialists to paint your picture as beautiful as possible.

On the 31st day of your programme, you will receive another message from us with a link to an online and protected folder where you will find your new Professional Resume, Social Media Campaigns. Your LinkedIn will also be waiting for you.

With that material, we will start advertising your profile using targetted campaigns on LinkedIn and our proprietary Assets Automation software which is a weekly feed that goes directly to the mailboxes of hiring parties.

On the 61st day of your programme, you may receive an invitation to record the Video Profile. It will be your chance to become a celebrity and start using an excellent media instead of the boring paper CV. The invite to recording the Video-Profile is predicated on your performance in the Meet Your Influencers© Conferences.


Buying From Abroad

And yes! We're ready to work with you remotely. Even the Headshots, as we partner with local photographers in your region for that. So call us up if you are anywhere in Europe Mainland, Brazil, South America, Africa, the States, India, Australia, Japan and any other corner of the globe. But you gotta pass through the Online Assessment first deal?

If you are buying from overseas, the chances are that you will need to attend the Meet Your Influencers© Conferences using our Webinar platform. The same reminder Email that goes off imminently to a session will have a link for joining the session when the time comes.

If you are travelling to Ireland and purchased any of the programmes before coming, let our team know so that you can opt for attending the sessions "in-person." instead.

The Marketing Campaigns will substantially increase the visibility on your profile and your chances of a job offer from abroad, whether you are living in the country or not.


Photo Session

The day you come to one of our partner studios, it's paramount that you dress up with style and accordingly with your professional expectations. Ideal outfits include; full matching suit, business dress, skirt and blouse, trousers and shirt, formal ties and shoes/heels. As suggested by the photographer, please avoid patterns and giant logos. Solid colours work well too.

Upon scheduling, you should arrive with time to acclimate, relax and check your hair. You are going to find your pictures and artwork in your private folder a few weeks after the session.


Internships and Associations

During your programme, we may offer you an internship, a temporary or fixed position with WorkFlow ICT or a partner company. You may be offered a competitive salary, a commission framework, paid holidays, benefits and all the perks of our exclusive Learning and Development programmes at no cost.


Media and Data Authorisation

Subscribing to any of our Learning and Development programmes means that you consent WorkFlow ICT, partner companies and our respective data processors to access and safeguard all of your provided data.

We might keep your data for 12 months for the specific purposes of your personal development and marketing with the intent of finding you a placement.

You will also be required to electronically sign our media authorisation document to allow us to use your image in your marketing campaigns, newsletters and on WorkFlow ICT's and partner's campaigns and newsletters.

In compliance with the new European General Data Protection Regulation, eventually, you will be prompted to sign additional documents in this regard.


Our Guarantees

The produced material is yours to take after the end of your subscription. Your development as a branded professional will require your attendance at the events.

The placement in the job market is not guaranteed due to unforeseen market conditions.

We will keep your Marketing Campaigns running from the 31st day of your programme until its subscription lasts.

We will make sure to offer at least one session of each of the Meet Your Influencers© Conferences during the period of your subscription. You may attend a session you missed or even re-attend if the dates are within your subscription period.

We will offer your profile to the market and not charge any commision from hiring parties. That's our most important pledge to you.