We Make You Succeed

With your determination, our guidance and the right exposure to your profile, we will make you succeed in Europe. Whether you want to get your next shot in your career or become an entrepreneur, our Learning and Development programmes are designed to attract the right opportunities to you, and when they knock on your door, you will be ready to get what you want.

Marcelo Bastos

Marcelo Bastos

"You can achieve far more and go far beyond when you work together with others. WorkFlow ICT turned out to be the ideal partners at this moment in my career."

Ticiana Sargi

Ticiana Sargi

"They presented a dynamic and updated approach to making me more competitive, bold and encouraged to face the job market in Europe."

Francesco Leoni

Francesco Leoni

"They helped me see myself in a better way, professionally. New LinkedIn profile and mindset. I acquired new network skills, and I applied them."

Bruno Pinheiro

Bruno Pinheiro

"They help me improve my confidence, boost my personal skills and today I started in a wonderful European company because of these changes."

Javier Miranda

Javier Miranda

"Las personas que trabajan en WorkFlow ICT son migrantes emprendedores, luchadores que saben la importancia de mejorar continuamente como seres humanos y como profesionales."

Alessandra Borck

Alessandra Borck

"They are the ones responsible for my career success as they literally showed me my potential! A complete and competent team which is fully available to help you!"

Fernando Pereira

Fernando Pereira

"Excellent team and workshops! Highly recommended! All you need to get a new and better position, they can help you with."


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If you have any questions about our magic, please contact [email protected]. WorkFlow ICT Limited is registered in Ireland with No. 499914. Suite 2, 20 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.

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Meet Javier Miranda

Multilingual professional with a native level of Spanish and French, fluent English and advanced Portuguese, holding an MBA and a BSc in Business Administration & Management. Over 5 years' experience in international Customer Services.

Meet Ticiana Sargi

International legal advisor with over 10 years of experience and a Bachelor degree in Law. Extensive in-house advisory background, with expertise in contracts, negotiations and corporate transactions within multinational companies.

Meet Carlos Colato

Carlos Colato is the international sales professional that every corporation wants in their team. Working on his own and for trading companies in the recent past, he sold from books to skatewear, from vegetables to electronic cigarettes.