Investor Relations

Since 2011 we acquired a few other businesses and independently launched proprietary products in the Irish market. An ecosystem of HRTech and EDTech companies and brands that helped us expand to the UK and Benelux Region.


WorkFlow ICT

Learning and Development

WorkFlow ICT enables the international career of professionals and business acceleration for aspiring entrepreneurs by empowering their personal development and brands. Using a proprietary methodology, offered with subscription plans, the company has on its portfolio three programmes for individuals and three programmes for businesses.


Training and Workshops

EndFlow is the initiative that delivered free Training and Workshops to over 500 people among Students, International Professionals, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs in Ireland. Throughout 2015 and 2016, there were over 30 Conferences and small Workshops that brought themes like Personal Branding, Advanced LinkedIn, Networking Tactics, Business English, Entrepreneurship and the Young Success Stories that later would become a book.


Idol Studios

Digital Marketing

Idol Studios is the new approach to Digital Marketing. They use subscription models for constant engagement and advertisement. Clients realise their ROI sooner as they measure the results of campaigns and the impact of their online exposure.


Career Apparel

The #YouasaBrand began as a hashtag associated with professionals who joined the WorkFlow ICT's programmes, and it grew to become a reference and a motivational label to successful specialists and entrepreneurs. People who excel in their lives and careers and have excellent online exposure are now called brands. Later in 2018, WorkFlow ICT is launching the apparel store #YouasaBrand.


Young Success Stories©


The Young Success Stories Franchise started as an initiative to portrait the success of the Brazilian professional community in the Republic of Ireland. The hand-picked professionals were invited with notice to come live on stage and tell their uncensored stories to a mixed audience. Every prepared speech lasted roughly twenty-five minutes, and the sessions were recorded on video and audio with the intent to create a legacy with the content. WorkFlow ICT, together with Gerard Bissett, endeavoured to transcript the audio version of each speech to a textbook with the sole purpose of motivating and inspiring professionals who strive to win in their careers and lives.

Meet Your Influencers©


Meet Your Influencers© is the day-long Conferences delivered by the Influencers who helped hundreds of professionals attract international opportunities. They get exclusive insights on Networking Tactics, Personal Branding, Acing Interviews, Business English, Business Dress-Code, Content Writing, Advanced LinkedIn, Client Satisfaction, Entrepreneur Mindset and International Leadership.



COMEDUC is the first Congress Mondial of Education and Career aimed at creating a debate among the five pillars of the Personal Development: Language Skills, International Education, Life Coaching, Career Strategy, Entrepreneurial Branding. They introduce a new marketplace where exhibitors pitch their ideas and compete on price on live timed auctions. Attendees come to the events on their path to purchase with the intent of getting the best deal for their growth.


Vlgio Software Studio

Software as a Service

Vlgio Sofware Studio has years of experience in creating tailored software for language schools in Ireland and Spain. Their focus is on automating the day-to-day operations of their clients and on the improved student experience. They recently rebranded their two successful applications using the new label GIO Plus and the software is now offered as a service (SaaS) with subscription models.




PMPI Management and Improvement is WorkFlow ICT's company in a box. The Umbrella corporate entity used by Freelancers who want to work temporarily in Europe and have their money deposited, expenses refunded and taxes filled correctly in exchange for an affordable monthly subscription. Everything is made in the cloud on their on time with close to none communication with accountants and administrators.


Business Acceleration

Startup development and growth with unique accelerator programmes and innovative entrepreneur branding. They focus on high potential ideas, acting as accelerator and catalyst, facilitating swift access to venture capital and funding schemes. The expertise and knowledge of their directors span a variety of sectors ranging from software design and education to engineering and renewable energy. What is special about ExaltLab? They work together with their clients on a daily basis, in pursuit of a product-market fit, development, launch and growth in exchange for equity. A new approach to Venture Capitalism.


We have joined the European Commission in their mission to upskill professionals to meet the demanding work market in Europe.

WorkFlow ICT is a Member of European Commission's Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition
WorkFlow ICT has pledged to the European Commission's Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition
Irish Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

At the Bank of Ireland 2018 Workbench

Our Founder Felipe Lodi launched the Young Success Stories book at the Bank of Ireland Grand Canal. We motivate professionals to win in their careers and lives.

At the Dublin Tech Summit 2018

Our Founder Felipe Lodi, pitches at the Dublin Tech Summit a solution for the lack of professionals in Ireland: a free feed of talent directly to the mailboxes of hiring companies.

At the TechConnect Live 2018

Our Founder Felipe Lodi speaks at the TechConnect Live about how professionals should invest in their personal brands to attract opportunities and skip the Recruitment Agencies.