Meet Your Influencers

Our team of Influencers work on your competences such as Personal Branding, LinkedIn Presence, Networking, English Skills, Content Writing, Interviewing Techniques, Dress-Code, Body Language, Leadership and Time Management.

WorkFlow ICT Felipe Lodi

Felipe Lodi

He creates Marketing strategies to leverage companies and individual brands to the digital world. Felipe is the co-founder of WorkFlow ICT, and he's the host of our Personal Branding and Advanced LinkedIn Workshops.

WorkFlow ICT Thalita Figueiredo

Thalita Figueiredo

Qualified Business Administrator and co-founder of WorkFlow ICT, she recently steered changes in the business model of WorkFlow ICT to start servicing individual clients.

WorkFlow ICT Marina Tremura

Marina Tremura

International Human Resources Professional working as a business representative for WorkFlow ICT London. She helps professionals move and work in Ireland through the use of Learning and Development.

WorkFlow ICT Ricardo Santos

Ricardo Santos

Operations Manager, IPMA®, certified Project Manager, +20 years’ experience in Renewable Energy, Telecoms and Urban Mobility. Entrepreneur and accelerator of Startups and SMEs. Ricardo is the host of our Time Management Workshop.

WorkFlow ICT Rodrigo Furtado

Rodrigo Furtado

He's the talent responsible for high-level relationship management, strategically focused on client satisfaction. Professional Illusionist who combines body language into art, Rodrigo finds the artist inside you. He's the host of our Networking Tactics Workshop.

WorkFlow ICT Gerard Bissett

Gerard Bissett

Young Author of two books and Podcast host, he's into Real Estate and Personal Development. Gerard is the host of our Content Writing Workshops, and he helps you get to the point when writing.

WorkFlow ICT Paula Falcao

Paula Falcao

Highly educated Science of Education professional, an expert in Elevating people. Dedicated to Education, Training and Well-being, Paula is the host of our Clothing and Accessories Workshop.

WorkFlow ICT Daniel Lodi

Daniel Lodi

Years of experience matching colours and sketches with user experience and design. Daniel is the art director of Idol Studios, and he's behind all the artwork created to our clients.

WorkFlow ICT Mariana Simizu

Mariana Simizu

She an experienced Team Leader of multicultural teams on global companies, and she brings the newest trends in the management of processes and people leadership.