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Alessandra Borck

Alessandra Borck

"They are the ones responsible for my career success as they literally showed me my potential! A complete and competent team which is fully available to help you!"

Fernando Pereira

Fernando Pereira

"Excellent team and workshops! Highly recommended! All you need to get a new and better position, they can help you with."

Bruno Pinheiro

Bruno Pinheiro

"They help me improve my confidence, boost my personal skills and today I started in a wonderful European company because of these changes."

Javier Miranda

Javier Miranda

"Las personas que trabajan en WorkFlow ICT son migrantes emprendedores, luchadores que saben la importancia de mejorar continuamente como seres humanos y como profesionales."

Bruno Finatti

Bruno Finatti

"All training and incentives were a crucial part of the process, which certainly suits my job. WorkFlow ICT was very important to make me feel more confident in my skills."

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Beyond the Ordinary CV

We believe in using multiple media to showcase your specialities and increase your chances in the job market. We tell your unique story and captivate the attention of hiring parties by using our fantastic advertisement artwork.

Developed Competences

We understand that soft and social skills are deciding factors in the hiring process. We work closely with you to improve your confidence levels and your ability to sell yourself from the very moment we meet until seconds before your interviews.

Social Media Campaigns

We live in times when we must think of ourselves as products. We build your personal brand and grow your online reputation using proprietary tools and inbound marketing strategies directed to people at their decision path.