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WorkFlow ICT I Want a New Job

I Want a
New Job

I am living in Ireland, and I work outside my area of expertise; I want to get a new job according to my skill set, return to the market and progress with my career.

WorkFlow ICT I Want a Work Permit

I Want a Work

I am a qualified professional willing to migrate to Ireland; I want to get a job offer, apply for a Work Permit, move abroad and improve my experience.

WorkFlow ICT I Want to be a Freelancer

I Want to be a

I am ready to move to Ireland to freelance; I want back-office and accountancy support, get contract work and premium rates.

WorkFlow ICT I Want to be an Entrepreneur

I Want to be an

I am living in Ireland, and I am tired of my job; I want to develop my business idea, incorporate my company and have freedom.

We Make You Succeed in Ireland

With your determination, our career guidance and the right exposure to your online profile, we will make you succeed abroad. Whether you want to get your next shot in Ireland or become an entrepreneur, the first three months of our Learning and Development programmes work the same for every profile.

WorkFlow ICT Learning and Development Programmes

Beyond the Ordinary CV

We believe in using multiple media to showcase your specialities and increase your chances in the job market. We tell your unique story and captivate the attention of hiring parties by using our fantastic advertisement artwork.

Developed Competences

We understand that soft and social skills are deciding factors in the hiring process. We work closely with you to improve your confidence levels and your ability to sell yourself from the very moment we meet until seconds before your interviews.

Social Media Campaigns

We live in times when we must think of ourselves as products. We build your personal brand and grow your online reputation using proprietary tools and inbound marketing strategies directed to people on their decision path.

WorkFlow ICT Felipe Lodi
WorkFlow ICT Thalita Figueiredo
WorkFlow ICT Marina Tremura
WorkFlow ICT Ricardo Santos
WorkFlow ICT Rodrigo Furtado
WorkFlow ICT Gerard Bissett
WorkFlow ICT Paula Falcao
WorkFlow ICT Daniel Lodi
WorkFlow ICT Mariana Simizu

Meet Your Influencers

Our team of Influencers works on your competences such as Personal Branding, LinkedIn Presence, Networking, English Skills, Content Writing, Interviewing Techniques, Dress-Code, Body Language, Leadership and Time Management.

Work Your
Skills Out

Our proprietary Competences Wheel is a Learning and Development methodology aimed to take your soft and social skills to another level. Get the workshops online or come to our weekly sessions in Dublin, Ireland.

WorkFlow ICT Competences Wheel

What People Say
About Us

Read the real success stories of professionals who joined our programmes recently. Subscribe today and be part of our exclusive network of assets.

Ticiana Sargi

Ticiana Sargi

"That's what I call a magic team! You will find great insights with them to develop many aspects of your career: personal branding, resumé, how to increase your professional network, among others. They present a dynamic and updated approach to making you more competitive, bold and encouraged to face the job market in Ireland. I definitely recommend WorkFlow ICT!!!"

Fabiana Santos

Fabiana Santos

"WorkFlow ICT is helping me revise my intentions, build an International Career and strong and collaborative relationships! I'm delighted with the design of my new Profile and already winning in all aspects of my life! This is exactly what I was looking for. I strongly recommend!"

Francesco Leoni

Francesco Leoni

"They are very good at their job. They helped me to see myself in a better way professionally. The whole team was always ready to help me and answer my questions. The one thing I had to do was to put my words and the learnings into action. The team was able to assist me with everything. New LinkedIn profile and mindset. I acquired new network skills, and I applied them. Interview tips and counselling. They enabled me to shine, and they became my friends. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to change something in their professional lives."

Alessandra Borck

Alessandra Borck

"They are simply amazing professionals! They are the ones responsible for my career success as they literally showed me my potential! They take your worst failures and transform into your best qualities! A complete and competent team which is fully available to help you! Of course, they do as much as they have in their power to transform you and they give all the necessary tools to enable you to succeed, but as always you must be the one to move forward!"

Gabriel Guedes

Gabriel Guedes

"In the first month, they recreated my online profiles on LinkedIn and Monster, and I started to get in touch with other clients who were already in Europe. When I arrived in Ireland, they collected me at the airport with my new mobile number, and they registered me for several events across Ireland. In only two months, I got a job with the UCD, one of the most important universities in the country."

Marcelo Bastos

"WorkFlow ICT turned out to be the ideal partners at this moment in my career. They helped me to reflect on my own achievements, understand my profile, and align everything I have learned and experienced to the impact I want to make in the world. Their professionalism, encouragement, sharp optimism, and, indeed, expertise on professional branding made a huge impact on my career, on my confidence, and on the way, I now look to my professional life. With their help, I was able to open myself to many opportunities and create a growth strategy for myself that I am enthusiastic about."

Our Mission is "You"

We have joined the European Commission's Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition as a member organisation. It's our mission to upskill professionals aligned with theirs and a significant step towards preparing people for the demanding work market in Ireland.

WorkFlow ICT is a Member of European Commission's Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition
WorkFlow ICT has pledged to the European Commission's Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

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